Reem Dubai Shipping supplies value to offering quality, fast, and delivery services with a wide network of partners. With the combined shipping services and direct-service technology platforms and with the help of a team of expert salespersons’ sustenance network operations, Reem Dubai Shipping are designed to adjust delivery through efficiency and effectiveness. We deliver a wide range of freight services with the assistance of specialist teams and strong global networks, providing you the exact competitive rates over major shipping lines. At The Reem Dubai Shipping, we are confident and pride in being able to offer our clients tailored-made service at competitive pricing. Our professional staffs are well skilled to handle any task.

Ships Agency Services

Reem Dubai Shipping is an international shipping agency based in UAE which supplies services to all kinds of vessels.

Ship Supply Services

Reem Dubai Shipping provides different ship supply services at port and anchorage for all UAE ports.

Clearing & Forwarding

We are pride in self-serving our clients at the most professional and competitive manner without any sacrifice in quality of service.

Warehousing, Logistic & Transportation

Reem Dubai Shipping facilities and services offer you with Domestic and International Freight transport solutions.

Vessel & Cargo Operations

Containers are the most transported technique for cargo form in the world as they are transported by all the three transportation frameworks accessible; that is, land, air, and water.

Project & General Cargo Handling

Reem Dubai Shipping Project is the trusted name for heavy and focused cargo handling and transportation.